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Why might a website & social media marketing help with distribution of my self-published book

14 April 2021

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When pursuing your ambition to become a self-published author, the hard work doesn’t end when you hold your book, and neither do our services. Here at New Generation Publishing, we’re here to support you long after your manuscript has been written, edited and transformed into the finished article.

Our marketing services provide cost effective, efficient solutions for self-published authors to get their name out there and get their book seen by the people who matter – their target audience. Creating a website and using social media marketing to your advantage are just two of the strategies we can assist with, but how can they help you with the distribution of your self-published title?


Sell direct to the public

Promoting your self-published book directly to the public is a great way to push sales, and what better way to do just that than through your very own website. Whether you’re selling via your website or simply pointing potential customers in the right direction, your website can help to centralise and streamline book sales.


Consolidate your author brand

Whether this book is the first of many or a one-off, it’s important to acknowledge that readers invest as much into the author as they do in the book. Creating a solid author brand is therefore important, particularly for self-published authors.

Sculpting an author brand that really speaks to your audience will not only bag you more sales, it’ll build a great reputation that’ll turn every reader into a fan.


Become an open book

Another way to consolidate your author brand, promote the distribution of your book and gain more sales is by using social media to your advantage.

Putting yourself out there on the right social media networks will give you the platform to answer questions, collaborate with readers, promote your book, reveal exciting updates and events, run giveaways that create a buzz about your book and brand, and even share details of your life as a writer.

Through social media marketing strategies, you can create connections directly with readers, and even touch base with fellow authors.


Let us help you post-publishing

We provide three great website and social media marketing packages so you can reap the rewards mentioned above and so much more. Explore our book publisher website and social media packages and take your career as a self-published author to new heights.


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