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Why Publish a Science Fiction Book With New Generation Publishing?

28 March 2012

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Science fiction is the plane where science and art collide, a place created by the most inventive of our kind. In order to be considered sci-fi, a book must have an element of science or technology that could plausibly exist in our own earth's future. A writer of science fiction is an innovator of the future and their readers are the first ones to glimpse the new prospect.


Sci-fi is a genre that makes you think, ask 'what if', and ponder worlds upon universes of possibilities.


As you read, you can move outside your front door, down the street, and all the way past the skies. You can transport from your desk, to the

inside of your computer, and into the entrails of cyberspace.


A science fiction book knows humans have not met their maximum capability and offers suggestions to how they possibly could. The story encourages us to look ahead and imagine a new present, or maybe even prevent a certain one.


As you read science fiction, your mind is never silent. You suddenly wonder, 'What if someday I'll be reading this book on a chip in my mind? What if I can project it on the wall from my head?' But then you remember that it doesn't matter, because by that time, the Triffids will probably have landed. What if...


If you have written or are writing a Sci-Fi work, then now is the time to publish it.


And we believe New Generation Publishing is the company to publish it with. As the UK's leading self-publishing service, we offer:


  • Editing and Review services

  • Professional typesetting

  • Bespoke cover design

  • Paperback and hardback editions

  • Colour and B&W editions

  • Print and e-book editions, including unique library e-lending service

  • Unique ISBN and worldwide distribution

  • Press release service

  • Range of Marketing Services

  • Bookseller selling your book into bookshops


When you publish a book with New Generation Publishing, we will make your book available to a worldwide market, price your book correctly to the market, help you market and promote your book, pay you royalties for each copy sold and, most importantly of all, be on hand to help you both pre-publication and post-publication.


If you would like a free publishing consultation, then please call 01933 665340, email or click here to complete the enquiry form.

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