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Why Publish Your Fantasy Novel With New Generation Publishing?

10 April 2012

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Magical and parallel worlds exist all around us and readers of fantasy everywhere are finding the portals. Every time a person picks up a fantasy novel, they step into another reality where magic is tangible and anything goes. The myths of old awake, fairy tales come true, and the creatures roar. The majestic landscape that runs alongside our world suddenly becomes visible to the reader's eye.


A fantasy book gives the reader a place of escape, an exciting world or new part of her mind to discover. And even though this world offers a moment of escape, at the same time it never actually leaves reality.


A good fantasy book always relies on believability, whether it is a subtle myth or elaborate high fantasy. The hero could be the reader and the exciting adventure could be their own. Fantasy is the genre that allows a reader's mind to explore true human nature, all its heroics and villainy, in the most imaginative ways.


If you have written or are writing a fantasy work, now is the time to publish it.


And we believe New Generation Publishing is the company to publish it with. As the UK's leading self-publishing service, we offer:


    • Editing and Review services

    • Professional typesetting

    • Bespoke cover design

    • Paperback and hardback editions

    • Colour and B&W editions

    • Print and e-book editions, including unique library e-lending service

    • Unique ISBN and worldwide distribution

    • Press release service

    • Range of Marketing Services

    • Bookseller selling your book into bookshops


When you publish a book with New Generation Publishing we will make your book available to a worldwide market, price your book correctly to the market, help you market and promote your book, pay you royalties for each copy sold and most of all be on hand to help you pre publication and post publication.


If you would like a free publishing consultation, then please call 01933 665340, email or click here to complete the enquiry form.

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