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NGP Author Stories: Andrew Man

27 October 2014

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New Generation Publishing has published the second novel in the ‘Tego Arcana Dei’ series by author Andrew Man.

Andrew was born in Exeter, Devon, at the end of the last war. His father served in the Royal Navy seeing action in the Atlantic and with the Italian landings. Andrew joined the merchant navy at sixteen, trained as a navigating officer and spent many years travelling overseas.

Andrew ManHe was education at Nottingham High School, England and trained after at a naval College near Southampton. In 1964 he was apprenticed to the P&O Steam Navigation Company and served on liner vessels during the 1960’s and 70’s, obtaining his Foreign Going Navigation certificates. As the shipping industry moved towards World-wide cruising, he spent time on the larger passenger liners such as the S.S ‘Arcadia’ and the Orient Line ship ‘Oriana’. In the 1980’s he went back to college and pursued a new career in finance, attending both Bristol and Plymouth to complete his post graduate studies. At that time, the British banks were moving into International finance and he joined National Westminster Bank, specializing in maritime finance. His career in finance was to last nearly thirty years, working with UK, American and Swiss Banks and finally with his own finance company in Beirut, Lebanon.

His first book was written whilst he was in hospital awaiting major surgery. The novel is a product of the author having been given a chance to review his life and in turn to consider his own priorities. The story starts out as a life history, with six chapters leading the reader through his life experience from 1967 to 2006. However, after the first chapter, the story becomes that of a young professional, in a Sci-Fi story about Romance, Revelations and Restoration. Dashing from one continent to another, TEGO ARCANA DEI – Keeping God’s Secret sees hero James Pollack’s life unravel at high speed. The reader follows Pollack through his years as a banker in the City of London to working in the beautiful and seductive Caribbean island of Antigua, before escaping to Switzerland after being hotly pursued by a mysterious agency. Throughout TEGO ARCANA DEI - Keeping God’sSecret we encounter a strange range of topics that include ideas from the frontiers of recent scientific discovery, theories behind the current recession, together with the development of human consciousness over the last millennia.

Tego Arcana Dei Andrew Man 3Through the eyesof a damaged ex-banker he delivers his second instalment of an ambitious Sci-fi trilogy involving government conspiracy, time travel, and quantum physics. The hero of his first novel, James Pollack quickly finds himself in war-torn Lebanon in 2006, except it’s not quite as he remembers it: noticing subtle differences, James quickly realises that he is in fact in another dimension.

After managing to return to the real world he thinks his troubles are over until former lover, Alexei, shows him a series of emails from two friends who are trapped in a parallel universe. Alexei – now pregnant with his baby – she decides to travel to the other dimension to help them, but ends up marooned along with the others in this hostile landscape. Will James be able to get his female companions safely home? Or will his progress be thwarted by US government officials embroiled in a conspiracy of a New World Order? TEGO ARCANA DEI- Forces of Retribution is the second in a trilogy of human interest adventure thrillers. Dramatic, action-packed and with an assured quantum physics context, the story has succeeded in creating a unique hybrid of science fiction and thriller which is bound to delight fans of both, in equal measure. In a manner reminiscent of Jasper Fforde, he explores the notion of ‘alternate dimensions’, with the characters often jumping through space and time between two parallel universes. The author compares his experiences of living in war-torn Beirut with working in the banking sector before the recession, as the basis for much of the real world action and serves to inject a good dose of reality into an otherwise Sci-Fi plot.

Using his early experience learnt with the art of navigation and spherical trigonometry, he developed his knowledge in the fields of mathematics and science. He has honed this special interest in quantum physics through visits to the CERN facility in Switzerland, which form a basis for some of the storyline. To write his books, research includes historical places he has visited in the past, including the temples in Baalbek, Lebanon and the Vatican. All of his novels contain a list of recent science books from leading authors to help the reader understand more about our concept of time, reality and the quantum universe.

Andrew Man is now retired and lives in the Swiss Romande part of Switzerland with his wife and a teenage son. He can be contacted on (0041) 22 7793570 and at

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