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New Generation Publishing Authors in the News & Media

We've featured examples of work and media publications that our authors have appeared in, view our blog page to view examples of case studies of current authors. Or read more biographies from independent authors below. We have lots of positive feedback from authors worked with in the past, view here for more details.

Francis Lewis

This is Bristol | This is Bristol 2 |

Andy Cruickshank

Burnham-On-Sea |

Anna Caltabiano

Young author of All That Is Red, a story of survival and a journey through the human condition, revealing how the intimate euphoria of pain can sometimes be all we have to remind us that we are alive. Anna Caltabiano is fifteen years old. She was born in British colonial Hong Kong to a Japanese mother and an Italian-American father, before moving to Palo Alto, California; the mecca of futurism. All That Is Red is a remarkably assured debut from an ascending literary star.

HuffPost Live | Seventeen Magazine | Fanlala | The Huffington Post |

Damian O'Brien

Author of If Houses, Why Not Mouses, the book isn't just another history of English or a catalogue of etymologies. It explores some of the most obvious but unusual features of English, which are also some of the least understood by many of its speakers. 

The Bookbag | The Inky Fool |

Tony Morris

Tony Morris is the Co-Director of the Sales Doctor, a leading sales training company that have helped over three thousand sales professionals across seventy industries. His book Coffee’s for Closers contains hundreds of practical ideas and real like techniques that can help you: - Prospect more effectively with key decision makers. He's a much sought after speaker, trainer and sales coach. Tony is a real character, hard working, resourceful, ambitious and very funny, and those traits jump out from every page. He tracks his career from a painful start, matched only by an obstinate passion to succeed. 

Online PR Media | Chelsea Mamma | Goodreads | Book Daily |

Carole Sutton

Author of two book And the Devil Laughed about an under-cover cop, takes a surveillance job in Draper's Wharf and Blood Opal - Pug Germaine believes her husband's brutal murder has more to do with the slaughtered woman in his arms than the curse of any stone. 

Patti Roberts Interview | Sirius Press | Whohub | TMBOA | Bitsy Bling Interview | Book Trailer 1 | Book Trailer 2

Allan Pritt

His book Emily's Destiny set in Cumberland, shortly before the start of the Second World War, it tells the tale of Emily Wilson's struggle to escape from a life of fear and poverty. Her journey takes her on a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows and to scenes of violence and death. The book becomes pivotal in a deadly game of survival for Emily, as she tries to outwit her rival as well as the police.

Grange Now | 

Angela Montgomery

Angela Montgomery, author of Romanzo: Love and Dishonesty Italian Style In the Milan of the early 1990s awash with corruption scandals, rational young architect Marco Fontana befriends scatty, struggling actress, Marsya Wells who comes to his city to teach English.

Bleeding Espresso | Italy Chronicles | The American | Okiedoks |

David Richards

Female First | Midwest Book Review |

Ian Kingsley

Ian Kingley’s book Sandman, is a book about an incident between Paul Vincent and Stevie Clarke - an unbalanced beachcomber known by some as 'The Sandman' - leads Paul to inform the police he believes Clarke is the murderer. 

Lilolia Review | Lilolia Interview | Book Pleasures | Video Trailer |

Lashai and Tray Sean Ben Salmi

Award-winning Lashai Ben Salmi (11) teams up with her junior brother Tray-Sean Ben Salmi to co-author Kidz That Dream Big! Would you like to join the growing number of child/teen entrepreneurs becoming millions before they reach their 18th birthday? You are holding the ultimate guide that can help you to unlock your hidden potential, have fun, cream big and make money doing what you love. Today Lashai is the proud winner of three awards since July 2011: Live Unitd Award, Young Citizens Award and Black Young Achievers award. Not to mention co-authoring this book and co-creating an App so watch this space.

Ilford Recorder | Ten2Teens Magazine |

Stuart Nakay

Author of I Quest for the Invisible Keys about a young child mysteriously finds himself lost and alone in a vast wilderness. The Voice inside his head instructs him to follow the path which lies before him, and along the way must collect ten very unique keys. His second book The Mystery of Hong Kong's Pirate Island about 15-year-old twins whose father is the chief criminologist with the Hong Kong Police Department. After a brush with death during a windsurfing competition, Hilton goes looking for a good luck charm at a curiosity shop in Stanley Market.

Female First | 

Robert Radulescu

Kildare Nationalist |

Richard Ayres

His books, The Further Education of Mike Carter - Mike Carter has been a lecturer at Streetbridge College of Further Education for 30 years. He has been the leader of the pack, scourge of college management, seducer of students, colleagues and wives of colleagues. But now, approaching 60, things are going awry. And Letters and Secrets set in England in the Jubilee summer of 2012. Three couples living in different parts of the country await the celebrations with varying degrees of enthusiasm, hostility, or indifference. 

This is Staffordshire |

Jonny Cox

Author of The Trouble With Girls a Sex in the City book for boys. Billy Hanson is a reluctant Lothario: compellingly attractive to women but unable to maintain a relationship because of the temptations that lay before him. He joins the army to escape and quickly finds himself lost in the jungle. 

Female First | Biggleswade Today |

Yardley Hastings School

Northants Telegraph | UK News |

Windsor Holden

Windsor Holden and his book, Elvis Lives on Planet Football, the 1998-99 season has begun. Gerry and Macko - twenty-somethings with an appetite for beer, women and football and an aversion to housework - are accosted by an elderly soak who swears that he has recently met Elvis Presley outside Elland Road.

Computer Weekly | Free Press | Leeds UTD Fans |

David Ward

Author of It's All Downhill Mark Anthony knew that cycling from one end of the country to the other in just over a week was going to be tough, but what he couldn't possible anticipate was the way each day would unfold and take him on a journey of a totally different kind.

Cycling Books | Hertfordshire Mercury | Sunday Times |

Adam Grace

Discover Happines | Age Net | Catholic Herald | MercatorNet |

Pat Herbert

The Bockhampton Road Murders about the triple killing of a man and two children back in 1896 in this very house sets in train a series of murders that occur sporadically from then on right up to the present day.

New Books Magazine | Forest Hill News |

Samsun Lobe

Author of a series of books, including Dying Star Book One: Prophecy, Dying Star Book Two: Exodus, Dying Star Book Three: Darkness, Ruin: Birth of a Legend and Ruin: Awakening.

This is West Country | Yeovil News | Somerset News | Chard & Ilminster News | Discussion Board

Jillian Haslam

Her book Indian. English. is Jillian Haslam's memoir of growing up an English girl in post-colonial India. Her harrowing yet ultimately redemptive story of living in the dark squalid by-lanes of Calcutta, abused and misunderstood by many, recalls the darkest moments of Angela's Ashes and the inner turmoil of The Glass Castle.

The Independent | BBC Asian Network | Gabby Logan Show | Times of India | Womens Views on News | Night Owl Reviews

Victoria Tweed

Andalucia for Holiday | Expat Focus | Falwriting | Ronda Today | Mumsnet | Extreme Writing | The Telegraph | Goodreads |

Peter Sykes

His book The First Cut a quiet introspective young man, is thrown, bewildered and unprepared, into the daunting world of a busy surgical unit. After early misadventures, both surgical and romantic, he gains confidence and experience and becomes a key member of the team. 

Messenger Newspaper | St Ann's Hospice |

Roisin McCrink

Queen's University Belfast |

Andrew Lucas

2011 CGD Award Winner! Cross Dressed to Kill is gripping, thrilling, compelling, hilarious! Set in small town Middle England where nothing nasty should happen, this witty thriller will make you laugh, cry, and question one or two of lifes quirkier realities. Lying somewhere between Niall Johnsons and Richard Russos 'Keeping Mum' and CBS televisions 'Dexter' (a serial killer hero - should you love him or hate him?).

Isle of White County Press | Sandown Library |

Sean Felton

Scared of the Dark is the true story of Sean Felton's epic struggle to find his young son, Jobe, after he was kidnapped by his mother and held ransom in Thailand. Sean saw that he had no support, no guidance and no legal or financial weight behind him. He would have to battle on alone, relying on his own courage and determination to rescue his own son.

Orient Expat | Metro | Chiangrai Times | Abducted Angels | Birmingham Mail | Birmingham Post | Gabby Logan Show | The Daily Mail | The Mirror | Express & Star | Birmingham Mail | Family First | ITV Lorraine Kelly |

Allie Sommerville

Allie Sommerville author of Uneasy Rider: Confessions of a Reluctant Traveller. The ultimate antidote-to-travel book! A European Odyssey where brakes fail on mountain passes ...a witch curses...Germans travel in a Tardis. If you ever thought a trip around Europe in a second-hand camper van would be fun, then this has been written for you. If not, just enjoy the ups and downs of the ride.

VW Camper Van Blog | Motor Home Planet | Just Kampers | Displaced Nation | Author Anonymous |

Bernard Horton

Crossbow Magazine |

Liam Flood

His book No Margin For Error - A terrorist escapes the clutches of a policeman in London in the 1980's. Now, the policeman is recognised as the best in the field of anti-terrorism, whilst the former terrorist is acknowledged as the world's top hit man. 

The Moodie Blog | Kilkenny People | The Munster Express | One News | Kilkenny People | The Claire Champion | | Review Centre | Tipperary Star | Sunday Grill | Local UK News | The Sunday Times | Kilkenny People |

Simon Corbin

Author of two books, Love, Gudrun Ensslin, one banker per month will be assassinated unless the government takes practical steps to reduce the widening deficit between the rich and the poor. And Rude Boy, about a boy expelled from his provincial boarding school, Punk Rock rebel Kenny Silvers returns to 1980s London where he renews his friendship with former 'partner in crime', Eddie.

Kings College London | Weymouth News | Goodreads | Journal Standard | DA Kentner | Surrey Comet | Richmond & Twickenham Times | Surrey Comet 2 | Richmond & Twickenham Times 2 |

Duncan Pile

Duncan Pile is an author of two books, Nature Mage a story about an ordinary boy, living in the mountain village of Aemon's Reach, but life, for Gaspi, is forever changed the day magic erupts in him, and Nature's Servant book two of the Nature Mage Trilogy. Shirukai Sestin has been defeated. His demonic forces have been destroyed, and peace has been restored to the city of Helioport. 

Left Lion | Waterstones | The Flutterby Room | This is Nottingham |

Jason Moss

Jason Moss, author of Smell & Bogey and the Magic Carpet, best friends Smell and Bogey live deep in the Magic Carpet in a world full of snot, dribble and weirdo creatures. 

Rugby FM | Coventry Telegraph | Rugby Advertiser | Touch FM |

William J Booker

William Booker’s book Trippers, is a very English Kerouac set to a 'Withnail & I' scale, this book is based upon the author's personal experiences in the summer of 1971.

Psychedelic Press UK |

Jack Emson

Jack Emson author of 2 books, The Four, about a family trip to Paris gone wrong. Four children are on the run Caught in between an extraordinary group of people trying to help the four and a ruthless man set on capturing them and The Legacy: The four Fielding children are on the run again. Called back to an adventure. They'd hoped was in the past. Drawn into solving a series of carefully placed clue, they are driven across the mighty chateaux of the Dordogne and peaks of the Swiss Alps en route to an explosive finale. 

Penarth Times |

Amy Owens

Heartbeat Poetry is a book about joy, sorrow, excitement, grief - life is filled with so many emotions and we can become overwhelmed with how to express how we feel. Capturing the unnoticed beauty of nature, the pain of a falling tear, the joy of celebration. Grab a cuppa and take time out to feel the stillness of your beating heart and enjoy some touching words from Heartbeat Poetry.

Fuse FM | St Marys Newry |

Christine Richard

Dumfries & Galloway Standard | Lothian Life |

Danny Kemp

Danny Kemp, author of books The Desolate Garden and Why? - a painful recount of an intriguing web of despair, sex and an unreachable emotion for each of the main characters involved in the story; love. It is a fast paced tale of how one man's crippling injuries, caused by an unprovoked and vicious attack, ruins the lives of all around.

Readers Entertainment Radio | Zeus Radio | I meant to read that... | Blog Talk Radio | Article Niche | Kindle Users Forum | Kent Messenger | Expats Radio | Kent Online | Jaded Jargon | Paul D Brazil | The Colin Lively Show | Brah Cast | Dartford Messenger | When Words Become Magic | Sylv Jenkins | Goodreads | Library Thing | Expats Post | I Meant to Read That | Authors DB | Female First | Lectura Obligada | Female First 2 | Female First 3 | Female First 4 | Jill Edmondson Blog | Female First 5 | Vancouver Library | Female First 6 | Ruth Jacobs |

Yvonne Fitzpatrick-Grimes

Irish Heritage |

Myra Duffy

Author of three self-published books, Last Dance at the Rothesay PavilionLast Ferry to Bute and The House at Ettrick Bay a series of books centred around character Alison Cameron.

Dumfries & Galloway Standard | Reading & Writing | A Writers Lot | Female First |

Carol Bunyan

Author of The Choir Mistress, this darkly cruel and witty thriller is the story of a choir driven by the Machiavellian obsession of their Choir Mistress.

Chipping Norton Lit Fest | Whats On Stage | The Oxford Times | BBC Radio Oxford | Best Chic Lit | Welcome to Wantage | Wantage Betjeman Lit Festival

Roger Trow

Roger Trow's first novel The Kyoto Protocol deals with the impact of an amazing discovery in the early 22nd century. Two doctors discover an amazing protein that has the effect of expanding human intelligence and imparting telepathic abilities. 

7Days Newspaper |

Paul Davies

With his book - The Locust Fields, about a small group; thrown together through fate. Tagan, a Prince of Mercia, Mortimer, an old man who has the look of a wizard, Faith, a fairy, Aaron and Tim, two brothers who look completely unlike each other, and Death, a spirit who's help seemed to be conditional.

News Beat |

George Deeming

For ten years George Deeming worked at ESR in a team dedicated to the design of a secret project named in this memoir as The Sentinel Project, fitted to improved Valiant class, nuclear submarines, including HMS Conqueror. As with WW2 there are many books and articles on actual conflict, but this story is unique as it relates to the Falklands War at home, the humorous and serious episodes of factory life and includes a first hand account of a Belgrano survivor and one of the crew aboard Conqueror. With his book Onward Silent Apostle: The Falklands 1982 - a hidden conflict.

Channel 4 News | Ilford Recorder |

Adam Spaven

His book Upon Reflection explores one's reflection to discover the hidden questions of: What if? Why? How? As well as numerous possibilities that the mirror may sustain more truths about ourselves than how well we look. 

Female First | Bolton News |

Des Collins

His book Sushi & Fries explores the difference and difficulties faced by European employees when working in a Japanese company, using stories collected over 30 years working for a Japanese corporation.

The Irish Times |

Julia Ibbotson

Author of romance Drumbeats and The Old Rectory.

Indie Author News |

Sarah Tucker

Author of The A to Zen of Travel an award-winning travel journalist, novelist, producer and broadcaster, writes about emotional benefits of travel.

Psychologies | Britmums

Ava Brown 

In this courageous story of growing up in one of the poorest areas of Jamaica, Ava Brown learned the life lessons of perseverance and survival.

Baltimore Times |

G. L. Gardner-Shaw

Author of The Anomaly, Gayle Gardner-Shaw has written since an early age, only starting to write seriously after returning to University. Now living in Stoke on Trent with her husband and three children, she is currently writing her second novel.

The Stoke Sentinel |

Daniela C. Mylot

The author is Cardiff bred and works as a property lawyer in the city with a greyhound by her side. She spends all her spare time indulging her passion for horseracing.

Wales Online |

Adam J. Watts

Adam's journey towards writing was a winding one. With two University degrees and a background in design / teaching, the creator of the Samuel Beasley story has certainly kept himself busy. Author of Moral Compass

Pulse Magazine | Look Local | BBC Radio | Good Reads

John Phipps

Living Through a War, is a true story through the eyes of a young boy through the outbreak of WWII, with recounts of experiences encountered throughout his childhood, growing up in wartime Britain living with the constant threat of bombing and evacuation. The book shows a view of war from a child’s perspective.

Hemel Today | Ealing Times

Feridon Rashidi

Kirkus |

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