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Editorial Services

Editorial Services

Having helped hundreds of authors self-publish thousands of books in the UK, we understand how challenging it can be to ensure you get your best work out and into the hands of readers.

You have what it takes to write a brilliant, engaging novel that’s a perfect fit for its audience, but nothing beats a second pair of experienced eyes to ensure the manuscript is working as hard as it should be for you.

We offer three distinct services for burgeoning and experienced self-published authors, and they could mean the difference between a novel that puts your name in the spotlight and one that languishes on the shelves.


Proofreading & Editing

£3-£5 per 500 words

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Readers Report / Critique Service


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Illustration Service


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Proofreading and editing

Any writer will know that when it comes to proofreading, you can be your own worst enemy.

This stands to reason; you’re incredibly close to your work and you’ve spent months (perhaps years, even) crafting every single paragraph. Proofreading one’s own work, therefore, is a task that few authors relish. It’s time consuming, hard work and frustrating.

This is where another pair of eyes is vital. Our proofreading and editing service provides a professional editorial review of your manuscript, conducted by an experienced literary professional.

They’ll work with you to ensure your novel is the best it can be. We can conduct simple proofreads to ensure all grammar, spelling and punctuation is correct or a more thorough manuscript edit that will help you make structural changes to your book.

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Readers report critique service

Chances are, if you’ve written the first draft of your next (or first) novel, you’ll have passed it onto some trusted friends and family for their feedback. This is a great first step, but nothing quite beats a professional eye.

Gaining an unbiased, professional opinion on your manuscript is often the key step in creating a masterpiece that will fly off the shelves. Our readers report critique service will provide you with a professional overview and report of your manuscript, broken into two stages:

  • editorial feedback on the storyline with suggestions on how it could be improved (we’ll also look for inconsistencies and omissions); and
  • grammatical, spelling and wording feedback and corrections.

It will then be entirely up to you if you decide to implement all or some of our feedback, but you will at least be able to rest safe in the knowledge that a skilled professional reviewer with many years of experience has cast their eye over your hard work!

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Illustration service

Over recent years we’ve seen a big trend in the growth of self-published children’s books, and, most notably, illustrated children’s books.

If you’re an author in that realm, you’ll know how hard it can be to find a cost effective illustrator if that part of the creative process doesn’t lie within your skillset.

At New Generation Publishing, we have access to an impressive talent pool of illustrators who can bring characters to life and make scenes leap off the page. Most importantly, the images they create for you will becomes yours, as the rights will be passed on (unlike many illustration services).

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