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Picking the Right Genre

Why does genre matter? Now all book information is received by retailers digitally, the categories assigned to your book will define where it sits in the bookshop and often most importantantly which charts it ranks in on Amazon. The higher it appears in that chart the more discoverable it will be. As a result categorisation is effectively whether you get to place your book in the window or the back of the shop and so today is vital to the sales of all books.

To categorise your book, have a look at these BISAC subject headings. Most retailers will let you use two or three to define your work. Again, it is worth researching books similar to your own to see how they have been defined.

That is no all that can be done to make your books as discoverable and appealing once you have the customer's attention as possible. If you can send us the following information, we will be able to add it into our distribution feeds, thereby maximising your book's chance of success:

  • BISAC Subject (as above)
  • Thema Subject -
  • Short description (350 max)
  • Keywords (7)
  • Full Description
  • Author bio (4,000)
  • Previous work (4,000)
  • Regional Subject
  • Review quotes


Writing a book is the most important but one part of the publishing and sales process - picking the right genre, subject codes and other information such as keywords for your book are essential to its sales success!

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