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Some of our Frequently asked questions

1. How can I send large email attachments to you?

Please use WeTransfer to send us large email attachments (you can send files for free without signing up):

2. How many pages can I have in my book?

Our printers allow between 18 and 1050 pages (please note, books with a high page count will have a higher retail price).

3. Can I phone/ video call you to ask for some advice?

Unfortunately, due to the high number of authors we look after, it would not be possible for us to call each and every person. It is also easier for us to correspond via email to ensure we have a written confirmation/record of everything.
However, for urgent matters regarding author support (or information about including personal information of others and consent etc), please contact us on: 01234711 956 and for production queries, please contact us on: 0208 127 0793

4. I would like to add something to my package (e.g. an ebook)- can this be done?

Yes, this can be done. Please let us know as soon as possible, so we can arrange payment.

5. How long does it take for my book to be distributed?

Typically, when we first upload a new title, we allow 3 working days for books to be processed at our printers, then:
- 5-7 days for your copy to arrive (slightly longer for hardbacks)
- 7-10 days for your book to appear on retailers like Amazon (but this can take longer depending on the how quick the servers are).

6. I’ve noticed an error in my published book- what can I do?

Please email us with the name of your book title and the page where your error is and what you would like changed. Please note, a charge may incur.

7. When will I receive my additional copies?

If you have already paid for extra or author copies or would like to receive additional copies you will get the chance to do this after you have received your complimentary copy. Once you have received your complimentary copy, please let us know you are happy with it before we order more copies for you.

8. What about book signings and events?

We ask that you contact us, place an order for copies of your book, and wait for them to be delivered, before you organise a book signing, or any event for which you’ll need extra copies.
Note: we now offer a Book Signing Service. Please get in touch for more information at

9. What about royalties/when will I receive them?

Royalties are sent out at the end of every October and April via email, covering sales from January - June and July - December respectively.

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