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The importance of proofreading

20 September 2022

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There’s so much more to the publishing process than writing a manuscript. Whether self-publishing or going down the traditional route, your manuscript has to be on-point to attract the attention of your target audience, and that’s where proofreading comes in.

As the name suggests, proof reading is the process of having your manuscript proof read. During the read throughs, any spelling, punctation or grammatical errors will be highlighted and amended. Proofreading is crucial to the production of high-quality manuscripts, but the reasons why proofreading is important go much deeper than that as you’ll discover in this blog post.


Keep it clear, concise and grammatically correct

After spending months or even years writing your manuscript, most look at their content with rose-tinted glasses, meaning errors can (and will) slip through the net. Having a third party cast their eyes over your work will ensure your content reads clearly, correctly (in terms of spelling, grammar and context) and concisely.


Improve your skills now and into the future

The feedback gained during the proofreading process won’t just make your current manuscript better, it’ll influence your future work. By having a professional highlight mistakes, you’ll be more aware of the ways that you can improve your writing going forward.


Reduce the time it takes to edit

The editing process is often long-winded but by having your work proofread before, you can reduce the amount of time you spend editing your content and get your book published quicker. With your work free from spelling and grammar errors, you can focus wholeheartedly on editing.


Make your book a joy to read

Readers get distracted by errors and typos more than you think. This will disrupt the flow of your narrative to make your book more difficult and less pleasant to read. By dedicating time to proofreading, you can minimise the distractions so your reader can focus on the amazing story within.


Prevent plagiarism and the problems it presents

Plagiarism is a huge issue for authors. It can lead to costly legal issues as well as influence the reception you receive from your target audience. By investing in professional proofreading, content that has been copied unintentionally can be flagged and reworked during the editing phase.


Save lots of time and money

Here at New Generation Publishing, we understand that time and money are precious. By enlisting our professional proofreaders, you can reduce the time and money spent editing your work to relish your dream of becoming a self-published author as efficiently and affordably as possible.

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